About Me

 My name is Angela Joy Houk.

I have been blessed to share my life with Kevin, my loving husband &  friend. We met in college over a series of great books in our first semester of freshman literature. Ever since then, we have delved, examined, discussed &  savored life together.  I am learning new depths of that joy with each passing year.

Our Father has seen fit to give us the gift of raising four amazing children – Miles, Quintin, Jude & Magdalene. Through these pages I am sure you will get to know them all. They are my constant companions & my foils. I love them more than I ever thought possible & they teach me about facets of joy that I never knew existed.

My whole life, for as long as I can remember, has been a journey to understand the depth, the height & the breadth of joy on this side of eternity. I consider no means too great or small to teach me, no medium unacceptable to express life’s complexity.  May this journal be a glimpse at the faithful & gracious hand of God to continually draw me into His joy so that you, too, may be drawn in. ~A

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